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RTSE – 100A Turboshaft Engine Training Set

Trainees can learn basic components and systems in a gas turbine engine with RTSE-100A Runnable Turboshaft Engine training set. They can operate a gas turbine engine with the training set after learning on operational procedures. Training set includes all the systems that is on a gas turbine engine.

Power Output : 900-1200 BHP
Nh= 43,400 rpm
Nl=37,600 rpm
Npt= 27,738 rpm
LP Compressor
4 Stage Axial with Bleed Valve
HP Compressor
Centrifugal Impeller
Overall Pressure Ratio: 12:1
Air Mass Flow: 7.5 Lbs/Sec
Combustion Chamber
Reverse Flow Annular
with 17 Vaporising
1 Stage Axial Burners
Compressor Turbines
Two Torch Igniters with
High Energy Plugs
Ignition SW
Power Turbine
2 Stage Axial with reduction
gearbox in the nose
Output shaft speed = 6164 rpm
Output shaft ratio = 4.5 : 1
Coaxial Shaft Three Spool with
Accessory Gearbox
Modular Construction
Starter Generator
Oil System
Return System with Pressure
Scavenge pumps
Engine Mounted Tank
Oil cooler
Fuel System
Gear pump with Hydro-mechanical
or Electronic Fuel Controls
Electronic Protection System
Fuel Tank
Fuel Shut-Off Valve

▪ Delivered fully assembled.
tested and ready to operate.
▪ AC power 220/110 Volt required.
▪ Dimensions(L x W x H): 150 x 120 x 110 cm
▪ User’s manual
▪ Students’ study guide
▪ CBT ( Computer Base Training )
▪ Wiring diagrams
▪ Flow schematics
▪ Components diagrams
▪ Instructors’ training resources

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