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HYD-100B Hydraulic Landing Gear System Training Set

The Landing Gear Training Set offers effective hands-on training for aircraft maintenance trainees. It assures that technicians are trained to maintain the landing gear system in the best way possible and in accordance with safety standards. It displays the landing gear mechanism as found in actual aircraft. This trainer is designed to represent a landing gear system. It contains all components and assemblies of
an actual hydraulic landing gear system.
Model HYD - 100 B features complete wheel and tire assembly with hydraulic brake system, including master cylinder and brake pedal. The control unit includes control throttles for landing gear and hydraulic flap operation. Indicators demonstrate show up, down, and in-transition conditions. A throttle warning horn is also mounted on the control panel.
This model comes mounted on a mobile stand to provide a clear view from all directions.

Hydraulic L/G with operational strut
Hydraulic landing gear door
Sequencing can be controlled through squat switches and sequencing valves
All components are mounted on the display panel
Demonstrates a typical hydraulic system operation as well as a typical landing gear operation
Flap and landing gear controls can be mechanical or electrical depending on costumer choice.
Wing section included
Hydraulically operated flap with electrical indication system
Contains electrical motor & a mechanical pump with all associated components (pressure regulator, relief valve, check valves, reservoir and filter assy.)
Full function brake system with parking brake operation
Landing gear indication includes : gear up, gear down and in-transit
Throttle lever with associated components completes the warning circuit of gear up warning horn
Emergency hand pump
Powder coated finish for durability
Swivel casters with brakes for full mobility and safe positioning
System powered by either 220VAC 50Hz or 110 VAC 60Hz, single phase.

Delivered fully assembled, tested and ready to operate
AC power 220 / 110 Volt required

User’s manual, students’ study guide, CBT ( Computer Base Training ), wiring diagrams, flow
schematics, components diagrams and instructors’ training resource are included.

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