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SKT-100A Anti-Skid and Auto-Break System with Two Wheels Training Set

Our Anti-skid and Auto Braking System Training Set is designed to represent the anti-skid braking system that is one of the most essential components of modern jet aircraft. This training set gains more importance as the need for training maintenance technicians in this area keep increasing. Hands-on training provided by this set ensures that trainees not only comprehend the theory, but they are also well prepared in practice to maintain the anti-skid braking system. Anti-skid and Auto Braking System Training Set includes a typical hydraulic brake system as well as the anti-skid assemblies and components. It is designed to meet or exceed the FAR requirements for instruction on aircraft anti-skid braking system.
This training set contains two wheels.

▪ Anti Skid Control Panel
Digital Instrument panel
▪ System Pressure
▪ Anti – Skid Status
▪ Auto Brake Status
▪ Brake Temp
▪ Air – Ground Status
▪ Anti-skid control valves
▪ Moveable Landing gear Sytem
▪ Wheels and tires
▪ Multiple-Disc brake
▪ Wheel-Slip Sensor
▪ Anti-Skid Control Computer
▪ Hydraulic System
▪ Brake Control System
▪ Foot Brake System
▪ Throttle Lever
▪ Temp Sensor
▪ Pressure Sensors
▪ Air – Ground Sensor

Delivered fully assembled, tested and ready to operate
AC power 220 / 110 Volt required
Dimensions(L x W x H) : 180 x 160 x 120 cm

User’s manual, students’ study guide, CBT ( Computer Base Training ), wiring diagrams, flow schematics, components diagrams and instructors’ training resource are included.

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