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CCS-100 Aircraft Cabin Crew(Mock-up) Training Set

Aircraft Cabin Crew Training Set is designed with a mock up of an aircraft model. These mock-up cabins
can be produced with original-serviced or replica parts in line with clients’ needs. Mock up manufacturing
is custom made and it can be fit according to space or needs of the client. Installation and training for
instructors on the cabin crew training set is given by our company’s expert personnel.

▪ Full Curved Aircraft Fuselage
(or Cut-away )
▪ Touchscreen Control Panel
▪ Full Lighting System
▪ Fully Operating
Passenger Service Unit System
▪ Aircraft Window Panel
▪ Audio Warning System
▪ Mock-Up Aircraft Ribs
▪ Aircraft Seats
▪ Seat Belts
▪ Aircraft Seat Rail

▪ Delivered fully assembled.
tested and ready to operate.
▪ DC power 220 Volt AC required.
▪ Dimensions(L x W x H): 13 x 6 x 2,5 m
▪ User’s manual
▪ Instructors’ training resources

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